Offline Meeting's checklist:

Before the meeting:

- rollout spider banner

- install the tripod (for video streaming on our Facebook page)

- put the lectern on table

- prepare timer's color cards

- prepare 3 technical workbooks

- put one ribbon "best TT speaker" on a lectern

- find out who are tech roles and give them their workbooks

- help Toastmaster to distribute agenda

During the meeting:

- ensure TT-Master asked volunteer to create a voting "the best TT speaker" in our Telegram chat

After the meeting:

- roll the spider-banner back

- put everything back to the lectern

- put lectern and banner in the corner of a wardrobe

- ensure no garbage is left in the room

- please leave the room by 21:00 to not disturb Security Service.

Let's all be a "Sergeant at Arms". Please help this "magic" happen đŸ˜‰