CHAMBER Club has its own "home rules":

  1. CHAMBER-member can give Prepared Speech only after he/she has executed all 3 technical roles. Exception: Vice President Education (VPE) can soften this requirement for matured speaker.
  2. CHAMBER paid members has the highest-priority for the Speaker slots. So experienced guest can be scheduled in Agenda, but with a warning that paid member can request and will be granted that slot instead. Exception: VPE can guarantee slot for non-member if VPE has strong reasons for that.
  3. New Members can give an Evaluation only after they have delivered 3 (or more) prepared speeches. Exception1: VPE can make this limitation softer for matured speakers. Exception2: when Pathway requires to give an evaluation after 2 delivered speeches.
  4. Non-members are allowed to give an Evaluation. VPE to assure that their level is good enough for that. We do not care if they are paid members in other clubs or not.
  5. If speaker cancels their scheduled role with short notice (or does not come at all without a notice) - VPE can ban scheduled participation for 1 month.
  6. President can make a decision on behalf of VPE only in case it was agreed with VPE, or VPE is absent and can’t fulfill their duties.
  7. If there is a conflict with a paid member (like bad behavior), global decision to be made by 50%+1 of paid members.
  8. Member should take "non-speakers" roles to balance amount of times Speaker role was taken. VPE has final say on scheduling.