Prepared speeches

2-4 speeches (5-7 min)

Impromptu Speeches

5-9 speeches (1-2 min)

Speech's Evaluations

3-5 evaluations (3 min)

No registration is needed - Guests are always welcome! You will listen to prepared speeches and may be invited to come on stage during Table Topic impromptu speeches! You may sign up for a technical role for our next meeting: Timer, Ah-Counter, Grammarian.

Paid members ($10 per month plus $20 one-time registration fee) have access to extensive educational materials of "Pathway" program and are able to:

  • give prepared speeches;

  • evaluate speakers and thus learn to give proper feedback;

  • take any other role, including Toastmaster and Table Topic Master.

  • Overcome stage fright and your fear of public speaking

  • Gain leadership and management experience

  • Become a stronger speaker and leader

Toastmasters guidelines and a supportive international community will help you!


Public AGENDA of CHAMBER TM Club – копія


English speaking Toastmasters Club in Kyiv, Ukraine

Regular free ONLINE meetings at 19:15 on Wednesdays


Join our Telegram chat


We conduct our regular meetings every Wednesday night from 7:15 PM to 8:45 PM.

Online: Open Zoom meeting starting from 19:00 MEETING LINK (please write to our public Telegram chat if you have any questions )


Telegram chat:

Facebook page and group:


Phone call /Telegram: +380 67 332 39 46 Andrew Voskoybiynyk, President 2022-2023


Do you want to support Ukrainians?

Come share your time with us online. We meet every Wednesday. We might be spread all over the planet but we are still an English speaking Ukrainian club! Join us!

Do I have to register before coming to the meeting?

No, but be sure to introduce yourself when you join the meeting!

Is it free to attend?

Meetings are free to attend!

Are there other Toastmasters clubs in Kyiv?

Yes! Check out this link to see a map and a list of other clubs (in Ukrainian, Russian, in English and even German!). We recommend that anyone considering joining Toastmasters visit as many clubs as they can!

What's the story with Toastmasters?

It's a lot of things to a lot of people. Check out what Wikipedia has to say.

What does "CHAMBER" stand for?

Chamber Toastmasters was initially established in 1999 as a private corporate club of "American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine" and was named accordingly. Later the club became public but the name Chamber Toastmasters remained.

Can I participate even if I don't speak good English?

We welcome all people who are trying to improve their leadership and communication skills.

How do I join?

Submit registration form + pay for a membership. Approach any Officer to guide you through the process. You can join anytime of the year!

How much does it cost to become a member?

There's an initial sign up fee of 20USD. After that, it's about 60USD every six months. It's one of the best education bargains in the world... learn by doing!