Elected Officers

The President ensures that the leadership team of the club succeeds in their roles. The Presidents priority is to coach each member of the leadership team in their role. The President will normally chair the first part and ending of the meeting.

Vice President of Education (VPE) – This is the member who sets the schedule, gets people to volunteer to speak, and assigns the other meeting roles (timer, evaluator, grammarian, etc).  Schedules are usually done a month at a time, and this person coordinates and distributes.

Vice President Membership (VPM) – Recruits new members for the club with the help of all the members. Prompt follow-up of each visitor is very important. Arranging a warm welcome for members at visitors at each meeting is vital. 

Vice President Public Relations (VPPR) – This member recruits guests for the club (with the help of all the members) and works closely with the VPM to advertise the club on an on-going basis using Social Media, Website, Newspapers and motivating members to bring guests. They may also use a club newsletter, web site and or Facebook presence.

Secretary – Keeps minutes, attendance, etc. and saves correspondence for the club. This is the member who will maintain the history of the club.

Treasurer – Collects and pay semi-annual member dues, and makes purchases for the club as required .  The Treasurer tracks income and expenses, and reports to the membership and develops financial management skills.

Sergeant-At-Arms - This member arrives early for meetings and sets up the room. After the meeting, with the help of the members, packs up club equipment and leaves the room as we found it initially. The biggest role however, is to greet members and guests at the door, to make them feel welcome to the meeting. The Sergeant also co-ordinates with the venue regarding number of attendees, menu choices etc. 

Official duties overview is here. Direct downloads of those 1-page documents are below:

Club's DCP Goals

Established in 1999 as a corporate club of "American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine", later evolved into publicly available club.

Club's Alignment: Region 10 / District 110 / Division B / Area 02 / CHAMBER Toastmasters Club (00007226)

As any Toastmasters club, CHAMBER has 10 yearly goals (01-July to 31-June), view our progress here: http://dashboards.toastmasters.org/ClubReport.aspx?id=00007226 

Also club can earn 3 optional awards by active growth: